Wasa Mersmak, Rye & Cranberry Seed - 245 grams

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Wasa Mersmak Rye & Cranberry is a thin crispbread baked with whole grain rye and oat flakes. The topping of cranberry seeds adds an exciting character to this rye crispbread. A bread with rye, oats and cranberries is just as good for breakfast as for a snack. Enjoy as is or with your favorite toppings. Wasa Mersmak Rye & Cranberry is 100% climate compensated.

Wholemeal rye flour (96g*), oat groats (7g*), cranberry seeds (5g*), yeast, sea salt (0.5g*), salt. *g for 100 g of product.
May contain traces of milk and sesame seeds.