Wasa Din Stund, Chia & Sea Salt - 260 grams

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Wasa Your Moment Chia & Sea Salt is a crispbread with seeds that celebrates the moment you have for yourself. It can be about private time, a snack, the moment before or after work - yes, simply the private moment. Your moment is a crisp bread with seeds and sea salt that is baked with three ingredients: whole grain rye flour, yeast and salt. Simple ingredients we all recognize! Before baking, the crispbread is topped with chia seeds and sea salt, which gives it a round and nutty character. Cracked bread with seeds and salt gets a good taste that lifts all kinds of toppings, which makes it very easy to make this a cracker sandwich to your liking. What is your favorite topping? Try it together with Your moment and experience new levels of flavors.

Your moment Chia & Sea Salt is baked with 100% renewable energy and is 100% climate compensated.

Wholemeal rye flour, chia seeds (Salvia hispancia) (8.3g), yeast, sea salt (0.6g), salt.