Wasa Crunchy Oat Flakes Wholegrain Biscuits - 250 grams

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Taste Wasa's crunchy oat cakes with whole grains: Wasa Crunchy Oat Flakes!

They are tasty oat cookies baked with whole wheat flour and oat flakes - making Wasa's cookies rich in fiber and whole grains. Therefore, they are just as suitable for coffee at home, as on an excursion - as a good snack, or when you just want to eat something sweet. The neutral taste opens up many possible flavor combinations. Eat them as they are, with a glass of cold milk, or with a hot drink. They can also be broken into pieces or crumbled and used as a topping on dessert, apple pie or blueberry soup. Also try putting a layer of your favorite ice cream between two Crunchy Oat Flakes cookies for your very own ice cream sandwich!

We always bake our cakes without palm oil and are of course 100% climate compensated.

Whole wheat flour 47%, sunflower oil, oat flakes 15.7%, sugar, glucose syrup, spelled flakes (wheat) 3%, barley flakes (3%), baking powder (ammonium bicarbonate), salt, aroma, olive extract. May contain traces of eggs, milk, nuts and soybeans.