Toms Rod Mix - 130 grams

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Tom's Stang Mix is the incomparably tasty mix with pieces of the well-known filled and sweet Penguin bars. They contain only natural colors. Perfect for the party or movie night with the whole family or group of friends!

Sugar/sugar, glucose-fructose syrup/syrup, WHEAT FLOUR/WHEAT FLOUR/WHEAT FLOUR (GLUTEN), syrup/syrup, modified maize and potato starch/modified maize and potato starch, fully hardened/hardened/hardened vegetable fat/fat ( palmkerne/ -kerne/palm kernel, coconut), humectant/agent (glycerol/glycerol), emulsifier/emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), coconut, thickener/thickener (gum arabic), cocoa powder, raw licorice, salt, burnt sugar /caramel/sugar colour, vegetable oil/oil/oil (coconut, rapeseed), surface treatment agent/surface treatment agent (carnauba wax/-wax), aromas/aroma substances, oxygen/acidity regulator (æble-/apple acid/malic acid), dyes/fargestoffer/dyes ( carmine, curcumin), antioxidant (ascorbic acid).