Toms Licorice Toffees - 160 grams

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Individually wrapped and magically delicious liquorice toffees from Toms. A delicious favorite loved by all licorice lovers! Perfect to invite guests to or give away as a gift to someone special!

Glucose syrup/-syrup, sugar/sugar, sweetened kondenseret skumetmælk/-melk/skimmed milk (mælk/melk/milk, sugar/sugar), vegetable fat/vegetable fat (palm), water/water, licorice powder 4%, salt, colouring/ color (vegetable charcoal/charcoal), emulsifier/emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), English syrup/syrup, aromas/aromatics. Store dry, cool and away/away from direct sunlight. Store dry, cool and away from direct sunlight.