Toms Licorice Confection - 375 grams

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Tom's fantastic mix of the best varieties from classic licorice confections. There is something for everyone in this mix, so share with family and friends or offer Tom's licorice confection at the party!

Sugar / sugar, glucose-fructose syrup / syrup, syrup / syrup, GLUTEN, modified corn and potato / potato starch / modified corn and potato starch, wholly hardened / hardened / hardened vegetable fat / fat (palm kernels / kernel / palm kernel, coconut), humectant / agent (glycerol / glycerol), crude licorice, emulsifier / emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), coconut, thickener / thickener (gum arabic / gum arabic), WHEAT, (GLUTEN) salt, aromas / flavorings, glucose syrup / syrup, dyes / dyes / dyes (carmine / carmine, titanium dioxide / oxide, chlorophyllin-copper complex, curcumin / curcumin, mixed carotenes / carotenes), vegetable oil / oil / coconut oil , rapeseed), surface treatment agent / surface treatment agent (carnauba wax / wax), MALTEX EXTRACT FROM BUILDING (GLUTEN), antioxidant (ascorbic acid / acid).