Swedsafe Sleep Large - 4 pairs

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Sleep is an earplug adapted for sleep. It blocks a lot of noise and is very comfortable to sleep with thanks to its design that reduces the expansion pressure in the ear canal.

It is a soft foam plug with an oval shape at the back edge to fit the ergonomics of the ear. The back edge also has a cavity, which makes it comfortable even when you lie on your side and sleep, because then it does not lie and press against the skin.

Sleep fits larger ear canals.

Suitable for

When is it time to throw away earplugs?
The damping never gets worse from reuse, but on the other hand, dirt sticks to foam plugs - and we don't want dirt in the ears. Throw them away when you see earwax or other dirt stuck to them.

European Standard EN 352-2:2002

SNR: 36 dB                      

H: 34 dB
M: 33 dB
L: 32 dB