Swedsafe Music & Swim Earplug Large

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Music/Swimming is a reusable earplug with two strong characteristics:

  • Linear attenuation that maintains the same sound picture and thus gives the best sound quality when playing or listening to music.
  • Sealing flanges that prevent water from getting into the ear canal when swimming, bathing or showering.

Available in two sizes. Size Small fits smaller ear canals.

Well-suited for

  • Keeping water out of ears
  • Playing an instrument
  • Concerts or similar events

When should I throw away my earplugs?
If you wash the earplugs with lukewarm water and soap after you have used them, Music/Swimming can be reused for approximately 150 hours. Check the surface on the earplugs to see when they are worn out.

Don’t want a cord?
No, sometimes it’s in the way. That’s why you can easily pull it out from the earplug. You can also put it back again if you change your mind.

The travel box that is included in the packaging is perfect for storing your earplugs when you’re not using them.

European Standard EN 352-2:2002

SNR: 27 dB    
H: 27 dB
M: 24 dB
L: 22 dB