SwedSafe Kiddy Earmuff Pink

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Kiddy is designed for children and is the most cushioned children's hood on the market. Fireworks, festivals, concerts – there are many situations with sound levels that are harmful to children's sensitive hearing, and where there is a need for protection. Kiddy is easy to use for small children and is comfortable with its soft cushions in the headband and in the ear cups. The cover is suitable for children between 6 months and 10 years.

To protect children's hearing at high sound levels
To increase concentration in children in environments with a lot of noise
For children between 6 months and 10 years
Shelf life and cleaning
Kiddy lasts for about 1000 hours of use. You will probably therefore only need to buy a cover that your child can use until the child outgrows the size. To keep Kiddy clean, wipe the cushions with a damp cloth and then let them dry.

European Standard EN 352-1:2002   

SNR: 29 dB                      

H: 34 dB
M: 26 dB
L: 18 dB