Swedsafe Ihearu Earplug One Size - 4 pairs

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iHearU is a very comfortable one-size-fits-all earplug thanks to its unique design with pressure-equalizing zones. These are the new generation earplugs with a reduced attenuation for those times when you still want to hear everything, but at a slightly lower level.

With iHearU, you get a more pleasant everyday life whether you work in an office environment, in a restaurant, at a preschool, go to a concert or study for an exam.

In public environments with a lot of noise
When you want to increase concentration
When you find yourself getting tired of the sounds around you
For concerts/nightclubs/festivals
If you work in a restaurant, preschool, school or open office landscape

When is it time to throw away earplugs?
The damping never gets worse from reuse, but on the other hand, dirt sticks to foam plugs - and we don't want dirt in the ears. Throw them away when you see earwax or other dirt stuck to them.

European Standard EN 352-2:2002

SNR: 24 dB                      

H: 26 dB
M: 20 dB
L: 18 dB