Swedsafe Earplugs Silicone - 4 pcs

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Silicone is an earplug that is especially suited for those with sensitive ear canals. De moldable silicone blocks unwanted sounds and seals enough to prevent water from entering the ear when swimming, bathing or showering.

Thanks to its shape, function and material Silicone is designed to be placed as a sealing lid over the ear opening, and thus not into the ear canal.

Fits all ears.

Well-suited for

  • Keeping out water from ears
  • Sensitive ears or if you don’t want to insert an earplug into your ear canal for other reasons

When should I throw away my earplugs?
Silicone earplugs can’t be cleaned. Instead, they can be reused if they are still sticky and hygienic. The stickiness makes sure it can stick to the skin, and thereby seal from water and noise. To keep the earplugs hygienic, store them in the original packaging.

European Standard EN 352-2:2002

SNR: 25 dB                      

H: 28 dB
M: 21 dB
L: 19 dB