Swedsafe Earplugs Flying Small

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Flying makes the plane ride more pleasant since it works pressure equalizing and inserted into the ear canal. It prevents blocked ears and ear pain caused from the rapid air pressure change during takeoff and landing. The earplug is easy to insert and remove, and two different sizes secure a safe fitting.

Available in two sizes. Size Small fits small ear canals.

To prevent blocked ears, use

  • At takeoff and landing
  • During the entire time, the plane is rising/going down

When should I throw away my earplugs?
If you wash the earplugs with lukewarm water and soap after you have used them, Music/Swimming can be reused for approximately 150 hours. Check the surface on the earplugs to see when they are worn out.

The travel box that is included in the packaging is perfect for storing your earplugs when you’re not using them.