SwedSafe Classic wax, Moldable earplug - 6 pcs

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Classic wax is a moldable wax plug that is easily shaped after the ear. It is suited for sleep since it adapts to the skin temperature and therefore becomes very pleasant to use. The wax plug is also recommended for those with sensitive ear canals since it is placed as a lid over the ear opening, and not inside the ear canal. Classic wax has a medium attenuation.

Thanks to its shape, function and material Classic wax is designed to be placed as a sealing lid over the ear opening, and thus not into the ear canal.

Fits all ears.

Well-suited for

  • Sleep
  • Sensitive ears or if you don’t want to insert an earplug into your ear canal for other reasons

When should I throw away my earplugs?
Wax plugs can’t be cleaned. Instead, they can be reused if they are still sticky and hygienic. The stickiness makes sure it can stick to the skin. To keep them hygienic you can reuse the cotton which encloses them during transport, and store them in the original packaging.

All the cotton that encloses the plug shall be removed before use.  

European Standard EN 352-2:2002    

SNR: 27 dB                      

H: 29 dB
M: 23 dB
L: 22 dB