SJÖ&HAV Outdoor Dishwashing Liquid - 500 ml

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A mild hand washing-up liquid suitable for salt water developed for those who wash outdoors but at the same time want to have a minimal impact on sensitive environments. Cleans and dissolves grease effectively even in cold salt water and fresh water with a shiny result. Do not overdose. 2 cl is enough for about five liters of water. The detergent is vegan and biodegradable, but for the least possible impact, filter used water through soil or avoid using it directly in stagnant water. Perfume free.

Ammonium lauryl sulfate: <13%, Cocos amidopropyl betaine: <2%, Anionic surfactants: 5-<15%, Nonionic surfactants: <%5, Preservatives. 500 ml