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NON-PRESCRIPTION TREATMENT FOR URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS Say goodbye to lingering urinary tract infections! UrinCUR Utipro Plus AF is a new, prescription-free treatment against urinary tract infections. It is unique as it treats the root cause of urinary tract infection. The tablets are taken whn you say the first symptoms and are effective within 48 hours, reducing burning and the need to urinate frequently. The product can also be used for preventive purposes against recurrent urinary tract infections. UrinCUR Utipro Plus AF is taken as a treatment course of 5 days and has a clinically proven effect. Used for uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections. If symptoms persist after 5 days, contact a doctor. UrinCUR Utipro Plus AF is a new medical technology product that treats and prevents urinary tract infections in a unique way, working both in the intestine and in the bladder. Treatment Rapid relief of symptoms Reducing pain when urinating within 48 hours Reducing the need to urinate frequently within 48 hours Treatment course of less than five days Prevention Provides effective protection against recurrent urinary tract infections Long-lasting effect Reduces the need for antibiotics The product does not replace antibiotics as it does not have antibacterial properties. But UriCUR Utipro Plus AF can be advantageously used as a supplement to antibiotics to avoid recurrent urinary tract infections. How does UrinCUR Utipro Plus AF work? It is the first and only product that targets the root cause of UTI itself, i.e. intestinal bacteria that have caused an infection in the urethra and bladder. It contains Xyloglucan which forms a biofilm on the intestinal mucosa and prevents the spread of bacteria from the intestine to the urethra. Which prevents an ongoing infection from getting worse and prevents recurrence. In the bladder, UrinCUR Utipro Plus AF reduces acute symptoms through the ingredients hibiscus and propolis, which acidify the bladder’s environment and reduce bacterial growth. Clinically proven effect Published studies show that UrinCUR Utipro Plus AF is effective, safe and can be used, with good results both in ongoing infections and to prevent recurrence 1,2. Salvatorelli et al. Urologia Internationalis. Published ; April 8, 2016. Garcia-Larrosa A. et al. Microbiology 2016, 5:1. Xyloglukan, agar (gelosa from red algae), propolis, Hibiscus sabdariffa, silikondioxid, magnesiumstearat (vegetable origin) and corn starch.