RFSU FemCare Moist & Skin - 60 capsules

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RFSU Moist & Skin is a dietary supplement specially adapted for women who experience dryness in the mucous membranes, skin and hair as well as brittle nails. The dietary supplement contains a completely unique combination of the ingredients sea buckthorn oil, biotin and zinc. Sea buckthorn oil provides natural moisture to mucous membranes and skin, while zinc maintains normal hair and nails.

RFSU Moist & Skin can be combined with all of RFSU's dietary supplements for menopausal women.

Especially suitable for those who have passed the menopause.

Can be used by women 40+.

Sea buckthorn oil - contributes to the normal function of the mucous membranes in the abdomen, eyes and mouth.

Biotin - contributes to maintaining normal mucous membranes and normal skin.

Zinc - contributes to maintaining normal hair, skin and nails.

Daily maintenance dose: 2 capsules/day

Sea buckthorn oil (Hippophaë rhamnoides L.), capsule (bovine gelatin), humectant (glycerol), purified water, emulsifier (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, sunflower lecithin), zinc (zinc oxide), color (red iron oxide, brown iron oxide), vitamin A (beta-carotene), biotin (D-biotin).