OmniVegan Calcium+ - 90 capsules

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OmniVegan Kalcium+ is a new product in the OmniVegan series. The product contains plant-based calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Read more below.

From Osteoremin Forte to OmniVegan Kalcium+

OmniVegan Kalcium+ replaces our previous product OsteoRemin Forte. The composition of the two products is very identical. However, OmniVegan Kalcium+ contains less magnesium and is now registered as a dietary supplement. The product has the advantage that it is now completely vegan.

AlgaeCal – An effective plant-based form of calcium

OmniVegan Kalcium+ contains plant-based calcium from the algae Algas calcareas. The algae is gently collected on beaches in South America. Clinical studies show that this plant-based form of organically bound calcium called AlgaeCal® is effectively absorbed by the body.

Vitamin D, K2 and magnesium

OmniVegan Calcium+ also contains a good dose of magnesium, plant-based vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, which all contribute to maintaining normal bone structure. Vitamin D, for example, helps the body absorb calcium and magnesium regulates, among other things, the availability and use of calcium in the cells. In recent years, several studies have shown a connection between an intake of vitamin K2 and improved bone health. It is therefore beneficial to supplement with this vitamin in most cases* when you get calcium and vitamin D supplements. *See below in the section on other information.

Health promoting effects

· Calcium is needed to maintain normal bones and teeth.

· Vitamin D and magnesium contribute to maintaining normal bone structure and normal teeth.

· Vitamin K contributes to maintaining normal bone structure.

· Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D contribute to maintaining normal muscle function.

· Vitamin D contributes to a normal absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the body and to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Complementary food supplements

There are also other nutrients that can have a possible positive effect on normal benzome, eg Vitamin C, silicon and boron. If you are unsure that you are getting enough of these nutrients, it may be a good idea to supplement, for example, with one of our multivitamins such as Omnivegan Multi or Omnimin Forte. Our product Magnesium+300 can also be used if you would like to supplement with extra magnesium. The product Moveflex Collagen can also be interesting with its content of collagen and boswellia etc. which have several functions related to joints, cartilage, connective tissue and skeleton.

Other information

If you take blood thinners, you should talk to your doctor before starting to use OmniVegan Calcium+, as the product contains vitamin K2. OmniVegan Kalcium+ is vegan and is registered with the Vegan Society, England. The product also does not contain soy, gluten or lactose.

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Vegan food supplements with natural ingredients. You who are vegan or vegetarian often need to get extra nutrition in the form of natural food supplements such as vitamins and minerals. It can also be healthier with vegan products if you are particularly sensitive to certain substances. Omnivegan offers, among other things, vegan food supplements such as multivitamin, iodine, iron, B12, calcium, Q10, lecithin, D3 and omega 3 for vegans. With 100% vegan food supplements, you don't have to worry about ingesting substances from the animal kingdom. Plant-based dietary supplements are at least as good as supplements with animal ingredients.

Excipients: Thickener: Vegetable magnesium salts of fatty acids. Vegetable capsule: (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose).