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MoveFlex Collagen contains UC-II® which is a unique form of type 2 collagen. MoveFlex Collagen also contains the Indian herb Boswelia serrata as well as vitamin C, manganese and copper.

UC-II® – A unique type 2 collagen

UC-II® is a unique, patented form of type 2 collagen. Collagen is one of the dominant substances in our body. Collagen is required to form skin, tendons and bones. Collagen type 2 is one of the more well-known forms of collagen that mainly occurs in joints and cartilage. UCII ® is produced in a gentle process, which means that the natural structure consisting of a triple helix with three peptide chains is preserved. UC-II® is undenatured, which means that it is available in its original form and thus efficiently absorbed by the body. Clinical studies show that UC-II® activates a process called "oral tolerance". This process takes place in the digestive system primarily in the lymphatic tissue. When UC-II® molecules reach an area of the gut called Peyer's plaques, it interacts with the immune system and creates a cascade of cell signaling that interacts with the joints.

Boswellia serrata – a proven supplement in Ayurvedic therapy

The Boswellia serrata tree is known as Gajbhaska (the elephant tree) in India, as it was believed that the elephant got its strength by eating the tree's resin. The herb is one of the most well-known herbs in Ayurvedic therapy (traditional Indian medicine). More recently, research has focused on its impact on joint health. Boswellia works in the body in a different way than UC-II®, including in such a way that Boswellia interacts with an enzyme called 5-Lipoxynase. Clinical documentation UC-II® is clinically documented in several published studies. The studies show that after 3-4 weeks most people achieve a positive effect on the joint(s), full effect can be expected after 8-12 weeks. An advantage of UC-II® is that only a dose of 40 mg daily is required. One small capsule a day is enough! Other traditional products for joint health, such as glucosamine and chondroitin require significantly higher doses.

Summary of scientific documentation

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Ingredients: Vitamin C, Indian incense tree (boswellia serrata) extract, collagen from poultry, manganese, copper. Consisting agent: microcrystalline cellulose. Vegetable capsule:
hydroxypropylmethylcellulose dye (iron oxide).