Lindvalls Kaffe Tricolore, whole beans - 450 grams

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Our Tricolore in whole beans. For those who want to enjoy the whole experience by smelling the aroma of freshly ground beans before your brew. In our whole beans, you can also see the uncompromising quality vision we have by looking at the color, size and shape of the beautiful beans. Wonderfully!

France is known for its amazing food culture with complex and elegant compositions. We wanted to take advantage of this and reflect it in our French-roasted "Tricolore". A coffee with a pleasant character and aroma. Despite the dark degree of roasting, there is an elegant acidity that turns into a rich and long aftertaste.

Cultivated in South America & East Africa, inspired by France and roasted according to Swedish perfection in Sweden. The best of several worlds!

450g French Toast Whole Beans