Lindvalls Kaffe Premium - 450 grams

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Citrus tones from Kenya, Burundi and Ethiopia. The acidity comes from Colombia and the sweetness from Brazil.

The search for the perfect coffee started in the fall of 2012, but actually it has been going on since 1891. After more than 120 years, could we produce a completely new coffee, better than the one refined by our parents and their parents? We were triggered by the idea and agreed that it had to cost whatever it wanted. Over the years we have come across ingredients too good not to use and now was the time. We would use only the best beans, blend, roast, smell and taste. To help us, we took some of Uppsala's most trained taste buds. This would be the best coffee in the world.

Lindvalls Premium carries a taste that is as new as it is historic. Enjoy the best we have!

450g dark roast brewed coffee