Leksands Tre Kullor, Herbs And Seeds - 180 grams

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Crunchy thin crackers with the flavor of herbs and seeds

Tre Kullor is a craft and a special feeling packed in brand new bread from Leksands Knäckebröd. The good taste from the natural ingredients and the water from our own spring is the basis of the bread. Tre Kullor is baked in a completely new part of the bakery where we put the doughs by hand and then bake them on trays in pastry ovens.

Wheat flour, corn flour, yellow linseeds 12%, brown linseeds 11%, pumpkin seeds 11%, melon seeds 8%, buckwheat seeds, rapeseed oil, honey, salt, kale, sea salt, yeast, ginger, rosemary 0.3%, parsley 0.3%, thyme 0.2%