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Practical toiletry bag with a dirt-resistant exterior that is easy to wipe clean. Designed to accommodate an entire body routine with our 400 ml Body lotion and body wash, deodorant and body scrub. With so much space, you can instead choose to have your hair care or skin care routine in this spacious toiletry bag, the choice is yours.


Remove Debris: Use a brush to clean the makeup bag of debris. If possible, turn it inside out to access hidden nooks and crannies where hair, eye shadow, bits of fabric, powder, etc. may be.

Use cold water when washing: Wash the toiletry in the machine or by hand. Rinse any hand-washed garments in cool water until no suds remain. Excess detergent left on the material can make it stiff and cracked. Do not twist the toilet bowl. Always use a cold water rinse in the washing machine. Do not add any fabric softener.

Air dry: Never place the bag in the dryer. Hang the bag inside out on a sturdy hanger and let it drip dry. To speed up the drying time, you can wipe the toilet bowl with a soft, absorbent microfiber cloth.

These instructions are intended to keep the makeup bag clean and in good condition. By following them, you can maintain the quality of the bag and avoid any damage that may occur through incorrect cleaning methods.