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Multifunctional palette with four highly pigmented, velvety eyeshadows that last a long time on the lid. Available in the shades chloe and leah.


Apply a small amount to an eyeshadow brush and sweep over the lid. Wet the brush before application for more intense color.

Expert tips

What suits light eyes or dark eyes?

Anyone can have most of the colors, it's more about technique and taste. Indy Beauty's palettes come in very natural colors that suit most skin tones. With our pigments, you can build up the strength of the color and thus adjust the intensity of the color and adapt it to your own tone.

How do I make up to get a bigger eye?

A simple rule is that a darker shade should be in the outer edge of the eye and in the globe line and the lighter colors inward and in the inner corner of the eye. Also putting a lighter shadow directly under the outermost edge of the brow gives the illusion of a larger eye. If you want to avoid "closing" and making the eye smaller, you should not apply the eyeliner along both lash lines, because it closes and makes the eye smaller, only apply the eyeliner to the middle of the eye on the lower lash line.

How do you make eyeshadow last longer?

You get that by also applying the primer to the eyelids when you prime the whole face.

How to get more pigment?

Here you can scrape off some of the eyeshadow and then mix with a little water. It also works well if you lightly moisten your brush before mixing with the eyeshadow and gently "dab" on the product. Another tip is to use an eyeshadow brush with more compact bristles, this to have more control over how to build on the color.

How do I fix my eyeshadow in the best way?

When you have laid a good base with the primer, and also remember to close your eyes when you spray with the Face Mist and fix the make-up.