Fredsted Tropical Pina Colada For Cold Water - 10 servings

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Our Tropical Piña Colada For Cold Water is a refreshing and tasty tea from the reputable brand Fredsted. Each pack contains 10 sachets, each weighing 3g. With our Tropical Piña Colada sachets, you can easily add a healthy taste of pineapple and coconut to your water. It's a great way to make your water more exciting and delicious. You just need to put a bag in your glass or water bottle and let it steep for 8-10 minutes. That way, you get a delicious taste of tropical summer that will pamper your taste buds. Our Tropical Piña Colada For Cold Water is also perfect for carbonated water.

The sweet and exotic taste of pineapple and coconut will create a refreshing and festive drink that will please both yourself and your guests. With this product you can easily add an extra dimension to your water and make it a delicious and tasty experience. Whether you want to spoil yourself or surprise your guests, our Tropical Piña Colada For Cold Water will be the perfect choice. So try it today and let yourself be seduced by the tropical taste of pineapple and coconut.

Apple, White hibiscus, Apple pulp, natural aroma (pineapple) 7%, sweet Chinese blackberry leaves, citric acid, natural aroma, natural aroma (coconut), coconut sugar, pineapple pieces.