Fredsted Sommerdrøm Tea - 80 grams

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Fredsted Summer Dream Tea is a refreshing and tasty blend of green tea, hibiscus and black currants. This aromatic tea is perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day or to create a relaxing moment in everyday life. With a weight of 80 g, you get plenty of tea to pamper yourself and your taste buds. The fruity taste and the slightly sour undertone make Fredsted Sommardröm Tea a real pleasure for the taste buds. This tea is created to give you a delicious and refreshing taste experience that will take you back to the hot days of summer and create a sense of relaxation in your everyday life. Enjoy a cup of Fredsted Summer Dream Tea and let yourself be seduced by the fresh and fruity taste.

This tea is perfect for creating an instant sense of well-being and calm. Whether you want to enjoy it hot or cold, this tea will give you a unique taste experience that will harmonize with yourself and your surroundings. Pamper yourself with Fredsted Sommardröm Tea and experience a delicious and refreshing taste experience. Let this tea be your summer dream that brings you joy and well-being in everyday life. With its fruity flavor and refreshing properties, this tea will create a valuable experience for you as a reader and consumer.

Hibiscus, æble/apple, rose hip/rosehip, aroma (strawberry/strawberry, kiwi)