Fredsted Forest berries Eco - 20 bags

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Forest berries Organic from Fredsted is a delicious and organic tea that will pamper your taste buds. This tea is made from carefully selected wild berries that provide a fresh and fruity taste that will awaken your senses. With 20 practical bags, it's easy to enjoy a cup of Forest Berry Organic, no matter where you are. You can take them with you to work, keep them in your bag or just keep them at home so you always have a delicious cup of tea within reach.

Forest berries Organic is not only a delicious taste experience, but it is also filled with good properties. The organic composition ensures that you get a tea without artificial additives or pesticides. You can enjoy the tea with a clear conscience because it is produced with consideration for both you and the environment. Enjoy a cup of Forest Berry Organic and let yourself be seduced by the healthy and fruity taste. Let the tea be your daily luxury and create an immediate feeling of well-being. With Skogsbär Organic, you not only get a delicious tea, but also an organic choice that fits a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Organic black tea 95%, natural wild berry aroma 5%.