Estrella West Coast Chips, Real Cheddar And Red Onion - 180 grams

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Pot-fried West Coast chips on Swedish potatoes - is there anything tastier than that? Not if you ask us. Our West Coast chips are pot-fried in a mixture of sunflower and Swedish rapeseed oil for the best taste. In addition, they are certified with the Swedish Seal. It doesn't take a chip guru to understand that real rich cheese topped with some red onion is a sensational flavor combination.

Potatoes, sunflower/rapeseed oil, spice mixture (Whey powder (from MILK), salt, onion powder, CHEESE powder (11%, of which Cheddar 6%), sugar, red onion, MILK powder, yeast extract, acid (lactic acid, citric acid), natural flavoring, maltodextrin, spice extracts (paprika, turmeric).