Estrella Potato Chips, Sourcream & Onion - 275 grams

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Sourcream & onion is a finely grooved classic and Sweden's most popular chips. The love of the people is easy to understand. The chips crunch beautifully when you put your teeth into them and the chewing resistance is well balanced. The taste is sour and creamy and delicious with a sting of onion. Perfection. Launched: 1988

Potatoes, sunflower/rapeseed oil, spice mix (salt, onion powder (yellow and red onion), WHEY powder (from MILK), sugar, BUTTERY MILK powder, natural flavoring, parsley, CREAM powder, yeast extract, MILK powder, spices (garlic powder, black pepper), acid (lactic acid , citric acid), coloring (paprika, curcumin)).