EKULF MonoFloss - 50 m

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EKULF MonoFloss dental floss is a flat and super-thin dental floss that easily slides down between the tightest teeth. It has a thin coating of microcrystalline wax for better grip. The wire is made of PTFE "Gore Tex" fiber which is in one piece and therefore does not fray. Flavored with mint that gives a fresh feeling in the mouth.

Brush your teeth morning and night with toothpaste and floss, toothpick or interdental brush afterwards.

1. Wrap the wire around a finger on each hand and pass it back and forth between the two tooth surfaces.
2. Using light pressure, gently "saw" the floss down between the teeth.
3 When the wire has reached the furthest point in the gap, bend it towards the edge of one tooth and, with light pressure, bring it 1-2 millimeters inside the gums.
4. Take the same route out to the gap and do the same to the other tooth.
5. Repeat a couple of times and then continue in the mouth on all teeth.

The thread is made of PTFE "Gore Tex" fiber. Content: 50 meters. Tastes like mint.