EKULF Interdental Toothbrush PH Supreme PH Supreme 0,7mm - 6 pcs

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EKULF pH Supreme 0.7mm is intended for those who need a little more grip on interspace toothbrushes. All brushes are cylindrical in shape and have high quality brushing and cleaning ability. Each interdental toothbrush is equipped with a plastic sleeve to protect the brush.

Dosage & use
Insert the interdental toothbrush between the teeth. Then move it back and forth. Only the brush should reach the tooth surface.

Storage instructions
Store in the blister for best hygiene.

Handle: Polyethylene. Brush: Polyamide. Wire: Plastic coated steel wire Polyurethane Applicator handle: Polyethylene. Plastic lid: Polypropylene Packaging material: PET plastic, paper