EKULF Interdental Toothbrush pH professional 0,9 mm - 18 pcs

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EKULF pH professional 0.9 mm gives you an effective and gentle cleaning between the teeth and is part of the series pH professional interdental toothbrushes from EKULF. The brush head is made of the highest precision with between 400 and 600 small bristles and effectively cleans the unevenness of the spaces between the teeth and the gum line. EKULF pH professional is a complete series for all spaces between the teeth, developed for the Swedish pharmacy market. The color coding of the sizes is according to Swedish pharmacy standards.

Dosage & use
Insert the interdental toothbrush between the teeth. Move it back and forth. Only the brush should reach the tooth surface.

Tynex fiber DuPont, stainless plastic-coated metal wire, PET plastic, water-based printing on cardboard backing.