Ekulf Fuktisar Wild Strawberry - 30 lozenges

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Ekulf Fuktisar are lozenges that stimulate the mouth's production of saliva. They contain malic acid, sodium citrate, dicalcium phosphate and xylitol which stimulate and maintain the moisture in the mouth while balancing the pH value. Take a moist ice cream after every meal or as needed when your mouth feels dry.

Contains 30 marshmallow flavored lozenges. Can be used from 12 years and up.

Dosage & use
Place the tablet on the tongue and let it melt in the mouth. Saliva production is effectively stimulated and thanks to the composition functional moisture in the mouth is preserved and maintained.

Contents: Sweeteners (sorbitol E420, isomalt E953, xylitol E967, steviol glycosides E960), malic acid E296, sodium citrate E331, dicalcium phosphate E341, surface treatment agent (magnesium stearate veget. E470B9), aroma (crumb aroma), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide E551)