Djäknegårdens Honung Whiskey Honey - 250 grams

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Honey with whiskey

Djäknegården's Pappa Billy's Finwhisky

The honey I mix the whiskey with varies according to the season and the bees' access to flowers, but preferably a light honey from the rape fields here at home in Åsa. The smokiness with the taste of rapeseed is very nice together!

The honey never tastes exactly the same, but is always delicious. The honey is cold-pressed and a craft that is made with love for the bees, the environment and the raw materials.

For Pete's Sake is a blended whiskey with clear sweetness and smokiness. Lorne Mackillop had the Swede in mind when he put together this whiskey at Angus Dundee Distillers in Scotland.

Djäknegården's honey has a successful and wide range of flavored honey and variety honey where each jar that is tapped by hand is unique. We take great care of our bees and the entire process from hive to finished jar of honey.

Thank you for helping us pollinate Sweden by buying Swedish honey, you are a real steward of the planet, congratulations!!

-Whisky is good for health, says father Billy.

Our honey with whiskey has a nice smokiness that is balanced with a fruity note and the sweetness of the honey.

It goes really well with the cheese tray, but is also given to glace and marinades. Drizzle over pancakes, fruit salads, your yogurt or stir into your coffee.


Honey and whiskey, 10ml.