Djäknegårdens Honung Propolis Honey - 250 grams

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Swedish honey with propolis

Djäknegården's Arbetsbinas House Pharmacy

In honey you will find 200 different active substances such as vitamins, minerals, inhibitors, enzymes, amino acids, lactic acid bacteria and much more. If you also add propolis, which consists of pitch and resin and contains another 300 natural substances, you have a real super product!

Eat this fantastic honey straight from the spoon whenever you have feelings of one or the other, such as a sore throat, fever, cough, etc.!

The honey I mix my propolis concentrate with varies according to the season and the bees' access to flowers. The honey is cold-pressed and a craft that is made with love for the bees, the environment and the raw materials.

Djäknegården's honey has a successful and wide range of flavored honey and variety honey where each jar that is tapped by hand is unique. We take great care of our bees and the entire process from hive to finished jar of honey.

Thank you for helping us pollinate Sweden by buying Swedish honey, you are a real steward of the planet, congratulations!!

Honey with propolis has a good and unique taste. Bees' putty wax, propolis, is resin from conifers and resin from plant buds that bees diligently collect. Propolis is said to be truly amazing, and has historically been used as a trusted health-promoting natural remedy for protection against viruses and bacteria.


Honey and propolis concentrate (67% propolis, 33% alcohol vol).