Djäknegårdens Honung Natural Raw Honey - 550 grams

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Swedish natural raw honey

The bees collect nectar from early spring to late autumn. The taste of a natural honey can therefore vary infinitely. Which is great wealth for the beekeeper. The bees can collect large amounts of nectar from their favorite flowers that vary with the season, the beekeeper calls it that the bees gravitate to a certain type of flower. Examples of these are dandelions, white clover, rapeseed, linden flower, wild raspberry and heather.

This honey is completely unique, a mixture of the bees' Swedish summer favourites. A food craft. Unstirred which gives a gritty or sandy texture.

Buy Swedish honey and show that you too contribute to our Swedish nature.

Swedish natural raw honey - Worker bees' mixed nectar from Halländska Åsa.

Weight: 550g
Early summer honey, high summer honey and autumn honey are different names for a natural honey depending on when in the season the bees have collected nectar.
This delicious honey will never taste the same if you order it twice. Here you get nature's mixed nectar that depends on which geographical area the bees have been attracted to and when in the season the flower visit has taken place. Distinction from our natural honey is this raw, which means that it is not stirred after casting. The texture is everything from sandy to gritty depending on the nectar the bees have collected, the taste is delicious!