Djäknegårdens Honung Natural Linden Honey - 550 grams

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Swedish natural linden honey

Linden honey is like poetry for the beekeeper. Standing under a large, beautiful, flowering linden tree and hearing the hum of millions of insects is absolutely magical.

Then being able to harvest linden honey from their hives is an enormous wealth.

Linden honey is a variety of honey, it has a fresh taste with hints of mint, (some people even describe it as hints of menthol).

Linden gives a lot of nectar in a short time, which can be capricious for a bee colony. If the weather is bad, the bees won't come out and the linden honey harvest may fail completely in some years.

I harvest a large part of my linden honey from my beehives that are on the property of Tjolöholm Castle in Halland, just a stone's throw from where I live.

Linden honey has a lot of character and sets a distinct flavor when you use it, which is why it is considered extra fine and you almost never find it in a regular grocery store.

My linden honey is of course raw (not heated), just like all my honey I sell.

You can use linden honey in all cooking, baking, for salads, tea, honey water, etc.

Swedish linden honey from the property of Tjolöholm Castle in Halländska Åsa.

Weight: 550g
Linden honey is a natural honey where the bees have collected nectar from the flowers of the linden tree.
Linden honey is experienced by most as extra tasty.