Djäknegårdens Honung Natural Heather Honey - 550 grams

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Heather honey

Heather honey is a variety of honey that is harvested at the very end of the beekeeper's season.

As a beekeeper, you experience enormous wealth when you feel the scent of heather honey around the beehives at the end of summer. You also get a bit tired as it takes a lot of work to throw this particular honey as it has a consistency like gel in the honeycombs and cannot be thrown until you have perforated (made a small hole) every single little honey cell which is more time consuming if you compare with how all other honey is thrown away.

I harvest my heather honey from my beehives at Näsbokrok Nature Reserve in Åsa, Halland.

Heather honey is the honey that has the most antibacterial properties and research has shown that it is equally beneficial as the well-known manuhka honey. But since we live in Sweden, the heather honey is a much better alternative from both an environmental and health point of view.

The heather honey is the most exclusive honey we have in Sweden and you almost never find it in a normal grocery store.

My heather honey is of course raw (not heated), just like all my honey I sell.

Heather honey is very flavorful, has a creamy consistency and is amber in color. If the heather honey is raw, it instead has a sandy/gravelly texture.

You can use heather honey as a natural medicine for coughs, sore throats, healing wounds, but also in all cooking, baking, for salads, tea, honey water, etc.

Swedish heather honey raw from Näsbokrok nature reserve in Halländska Åsa.

Weight: 550g
Heather honey is a natural honey where the bees have collected nectar from the heather flowers.
Heather honey is incredibly tasty and is the healthiest Swedish honey you can eat.