Djäknegårdens Honung Natural Forest Honey - 550 grams

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Swedish natural forest honey

To be able to walk in forest areas and hear the hum of bees is absolutely fantastic.

Then being able to harvest forest honey from their hives is so exciting because it never tastes the same.

Forest honey is a variety of honey, it has a lot of flavor with sometimes faint hints of anise (which comes from the nectar of blueberries and lingonberry flowers).

The bees can also visit the small woodlice and milk them on plant sap, that honey becomes something very special!

Forest honey has a lot of character with exciting flavor when you use it.

My forest honey is of course raw (not heated), just like all my honey I sell.

You can use forest honey in all cooking, baking, for salads, tea, honey water, etc.

Swedish forest honey from the forests of Halland.

Weight: 550g
Forest honey is a natural honey where the bees have collected nectar from the forest. It can be a mixture of blueberries, lingonberries and raspberry blossoms together with lime blossoms. Not infrequently the bees fly and milk woodlice and that honey is really good.
Forest honey is perceived as tasty and is often a little darker in colour.