Djäknegårdens Honung Licorice Root Honey - 250 grams

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Honey with licorice root

Djäknegården's Grandfather Torvalds Licorice root

The honey I mix the licorice root with varies according to the season and the bees' access to flowers. The licorice root is really wonderful to work with because it is a real flavor enhancer and it always turns out just as good!

The honey is cold-pressed and a craft that is made with love for the bees, the environment and the raw materials.

Licorice root is an herb and has long been known for its good health effects as it can act as both an expectorant and cough suppressant, as well as having a positive effect on pollen allergies.

Djäknegården's honey has a successful and wide range of flavored honey and variety honey where each jar that is tapped by hand is unique. We take great care of our bees and the entire process from hive to finished jar of honey.

Thank you for helping us pollinate Sweden by buying Swedish honey, you are a real steward of the planet, congratulations!!

My grandfather Torvald spent a large part of his life at sea. When he came home from his sailing trips, he had often had himself tattooed, much to my grandmother's dismay. There were many tattoos. He was a really salty guy with a fondness for licorice.


Honey and licorice root powder.