Djäknegårdens Honung Eucalyptus Honey - 250 grams

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Honey with eucalyptus

Đäknegården's Grandmother Signes Halspastill

The honey we mix the eucalyptus drops in varies according to the season and the bees' access to flowers, linden honey is a favorite as it in itself has a taste of menthol, it makes a fantastic cold honey!

The honey is cold-pressed and a craft that is made with love for the bees, the environment and the raw materials.

The eucalyptus mixed in my honey is produced by carefully steam-distilling the leaves of the Eucalyptus radiata bush into a concentrated oil. From 100g of leaves, there is only a small amount, 1.5-4ml, of lovely oil with the taste of eucalyptus.

Djäknegården's honey has a successful and wide range of flavored honey and variety honey where each jar that is tapped by hand is unique. We take great care of our bees and the entire process from hive to finished jar of honey.

Thank you for helping us pollinate Sweden by buying Swedish honey, you are a real steward of the planet, congratulations!!

Grandmother Signe lived a simple and hard life at Södra Bruket. Her home remedy for colds was to heat milk on her wood-burning stove and stir in a couple of eucalyptus lozenges. Put on the felt slippers and crawl onto the kitchen sofa!

Honey with eucalyptus has a strong and fresh taste. This is a real cold honey that you mix in a little warm water or in milk for a sore throat or cough.
Eucalyptus oil and honey have long been used traditionally as natural medicine.


Honey and essential oil from the australiana variety.