S-märke Chews Sour - 70 grams

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S-brands were launched in 1956 and have become a real Swedish classic. S-Brand Sour Chews are round fruit bars in the flavors pear, pineapple, lemon and raspberry that have sour S-Brand powder on the outside. This means that there is a perfectly balanced chewing resistance when a crunchy powder-covered outside is met by a soft and tasty caramel on the inside. They are completely vegan and also contain completely natural flavors and colors. Fantastically good.

sugar/sugar, glucose syrup/glucose syrup, maltodextrin, coconut oil/coconut oil, acids/acids (citric acid/citric acid, malic acid/apple acid/æble acid), acidity regulator/agent (sodium malate, sodium carbonate), concentrate (safflower/saffron thistle, radish/radish/radish , apple/eple/æble, black currants/currants, spirulina), natural flavourings, natural lemon flavouring, emulsifier/emulsifier (E473), dye/fargestoff/farvestof (paprika extract), vegetable oil (coconut, rapeseed ).