S-märke Chews Salty - 70 grams

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S-brands were launched in 1956 and have become a real Swedish classic. These salty Chews are round salty chews with salty S brand powder on the outside. This means that there is a perfectly balanced chewing resistance when a crunchy powder-covered outside is met by a soft and tasty caramel on the inside. They are completely vegan and also contain completely natural flavors and colors. They really have the perfect licorice flavor and are extremely tasty.

Sugar/sugar, glucose syrup/glucose syrup, ammonium chloride, maltodextrin, coconut oil/coconut oil, licorice extract, natural flavorings/flavors, natural anise flavor, color/farve (E153), molasses, consistency agent (gum arabic), emulsifier/emulsifier (E473).