Aroma Salted Caramel Licorice Balls - 120 grams

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Narr chocolate's licorice coated with milk chocolate, sea salt and caramel flavor is a unique and delicious combination of different flavors and textures.

The licorice is first carefully selected and carefully produced to guarantee the highest quality.

Then the licorice is dipped in a creamy milk chocolate that gives a soft and smooth surface. To further enhance the taste experience, a pinch of sea salt is added to balance the sweetness and add a slight saltiness to the chocolate. Finally, the caramel flavor adds a wonderful caramelized note that makes this an irresistible treat.

This licorice is perfect as a luxurious piece of candy to treat yourself or to give as a gift to someone who appreciates high quality chocolate and licorice.

Milk chocolate (70%): (Sugar, cocoa butter*, WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa mass*, flavor (ammonium chloride), licorice extract, emulsifier (SOY LECITIN), caramel flavor, color (vegetable carbon), natural vanilla flavor, surface treatment E904, glucose syrup, modified tapioca starch, vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed) in varying proportions). Licorice (30%): (WHEAT FLOUR, glucose syrup, sugar syrup, licorice extract, consistency agent (sorbitol syrup), flavor (ammonium chloride), sugar, natural anise flavor, surface treatment agent (carnauba wax)). The milk chocolate contains at least 30% cocoa ingredients. Traces of HAZELNUTS, CASHEW NUTS, BRAZIL NUTS, PECAN NUTS and ALMONDS may be present. *Rainforest Alliance certified