Aroma RättåGott Candy Mix - 140 grams

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Decision anxiety? Are all Aroma's candies the best you know? Then you need a Rättågott Candy Mix Bag. A bag stuffed full of fruity rats and frogs, licorice and much more.

Rättågott Candy mix is a fair trade-labeled candy with a mix of all Aroma's little favourites. Made in Stockholm.

Delivered in a bag of 140 grams.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, gelatin, acidity regulator, E330, licorice extract, coloring plant extract, spirulina, carrot, safflower, sweet potato, apple, radish, cherry, aromas, (salmiac, ammonium chloride, natural (anise oil, vanilla, vegetable oil (coconut oil , coconut beer, rapeseed oil), surface treatment agent, E901, salt, stabilizer, E406.