Zinc powder liquid APL, cutaneous suspension - 90 ml

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Zinc powder liquid APL is used on the skin for symptomatic treatment of itching in e.g. urticaria (hives), chicken pox and insect bites.

It can also be used on non-blistering burns and sun damage with pronounced redness and swelling.

Zinc oxide has mild astringent (reduces swelling and discharge) and antiseptic action.

Talc and zinc oxide have a covering effect and, together with alcohol, have a cooling effect.

Glycerol has a softening and moisturizing effect. Zinc powder liquid has protective, cooling and itch-relieving properties and has a more drying effect than Zinc Liniment.

100 g of cutaneous suspension contains:
Zinc oxide 12.5 g
Glycerol (85%)
Ethanol (96%)
Purified water