ACO Miniderm Duo, Softening cream, 2% Urea + 20% Glycerol - 500 grams

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Miniderm Duo is a moisturizing and softening medicated cream for the treatment of dry skin. The skin cream is suitable for children of all ages and adults with dry skin, making it suitable for the whole family. Miniderm Duo contains a combination of the moisturizing ingredients urea (2%) and glycerol (20%). These ingredients in the cream base both soften the skin and strengthen the skin barrier as well as relieve itching on dry skin. Miniderm Duo has been shown to have a barrier-strengthening effect even for people with atopic eczema.

The cream is fragrance-free and self-preserved, which means it is preservative-free. It is well tolerated and suitable for both babies, small children and adults with sensitive skin.

Also available in 100g tube.

Dosage & use
Adults, adolescents and children:

The cream is applied at least twice daily and preferably after contact with water. Apply as much as the skin can absorb without feeling sticky.

Miniderm Duo can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Storage instructions
Store out of the sight and reach of children, at a maximum of 25ºC. Use within 3 months after opening.

Urea (urea), Glycerol, Butylene glycol, Hydrogenated rapeseed oil, "Dexpantenol", Medium-chain triglycerides, Cetostearyl alcohol, Dimethicone (E900), Solid paraffin (E905), Glycerol monostearate (E471), Macrogol stearate (E431), Triacetin (E1518), Carbomer,  purified water