ACO Face Rebalancing Cleansing Foam - 150 ml

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For a good skin care routine, thorough cleansing is A & O. During the day, the skin is exposed to exhaust gases, dirt and fats (regardless of whether you use make-up or not) and in order for the skin to recover properly, it is important to cleanse it.

ACO Face Rebalancing Cleansing Foam is a mildly perfumed cleansing mousse that not only removes surface dirt but cleans in depth while preserving the skin's natural moisture balance. The mousse contains AHA acid which exfoliates away dead skin residues, cleans and renews the skin cells. Regular use of products containing AHA acid makes the skin clearer, smoother and softer.

Mildly perfumed.

Dosage & use
Wet your face with water, massage in ACO Face Rebalancing Cleansing Foam and then rinse with water. If you use products with AHA acids, you should consider applying sunscreen during the days when the new skin cells are extra sensitive.

Storage instructions
Store at room temperature.

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