Svinto Soap Wool - 200 grams

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Svinto Soap wool 200 gram packaging cleans effectively without scratching. Svinto is made of finely spun steel wool and pure soap. Two materials that nature itself takes care of and breaks down. You use Svinto everywhere you want to clean and remove stains. On rubber boots, pans, irons, etc.

Svinto Steel wool is a good environmental choice

Svinto Steel wool has long been used to clean effectively without scratching surfaces. Made from finely spun steel wool and pure soap, Svinto is an efficient and environmentally friendly choice. Can be used on all surfaces where you want to clean and remove dried-on stains such as irons, rubber boots, pans, the oven and more.

Should not be used on soft surfaces of aluminum and the like.


Take a piece of Svinto steel wool and moisten it slightly

Squeeze well so that the steel wool foams

If you are unsure about the material, test it first on a small, preferably hidden part


Good Environmental Choice: Products marked with Good Environmental Choice meet the Nature Conservation Society's high demands on the product from an environmental and health perspective. This means, among other things, that the product is not dangerous for the environment, breaks down easily and does not contain any health-hazardous ingredients.

Table of Contents. Svinto is made of finely spun steel wool. Soap 15-30%, sodium carbonate <5%, glycerin <5%