Gustaf & Linneas Beeswax Cloth, "Vallmo"

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The beeswax cloth allows you to store your food in a natural and plastic-free way. It fulfills the same function as plastic wrap and sticks just as well as it does around the food or crockery. Wrap the cloth around the cheese, vegetables, fruit or a plate of food and heat the cloth with your hands and the cloth will form around the object. The antibacterial properties of the beeswax keep the food fresh and nice. Skip the plastic and choose the beeswax cloth that is good for both you and the environment.

A product from Gotland with beautiful Gotland design by Vallmo.

Care instructions: Wash by hand under running cold/lukewarm water, it is fine to use a small amount of organic detergent. Dry with a towel or allow to air dry. The cloth should not come into contact with high temperatures as the beeswax melts. Properly cared for, the beeswax cloth can last about a year (or about 400 uses) and can then be re-impregnated. If you do this by treating the fabric with a new beeswax mixture, the fabric will last even longer.

This beeswax cloth is both a beautiful addition to your fridge or picnic basket, and an environmental champion. When you wrap this beeswax cloth around your food items, you're not only making an effort to reduce single-use plastics in your home, you're also helping to spread flowers and bees for a well-functioning ecosystem.

Thank you for choosing close-pollinated!

The beeswax cloths come in a three-pack with one of each variety in the sizes Small 23x23 cm, Medium 28x28 cm, Large 35x35 cm.

Ingredients: Cotton*, Beeswax**, Pine resin***, Jojoba oil****




****Organic from Chile