Zoégas Hazienda - 450 grams

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Zoégas Hazienda has a full and tasty character. The taste is complex but well balanced with notes of ripe berries, plums and nuts. The coffee has a fresh character that appears and is preserved after salty food, such as shrimp or salami. The salt brings out a fruity and balanced acidity while preserving the complexity. Together with chocolate, the coffee gets a freshness that quickly subsides and leaves a feeling of well-being.

The coffee beans come from Fairtrade and KRAV certified farms. In addition to the certifications, we naturally continue to work with our sustainability initiative Coffee By Women. A large and important part of our sustainability work to ensure that the coffee is grown in a way that provides better livelihood opportunities for coffee growers. Since 2011, Zoégas has offered coffee farmers in East Africa free training in sustainable and productive coffee cultivation, quality upgrading and verification. The goal is for at least 30% of the coffee growers to be women. All so that you as a coffee drinker can enjoy the tasty Zoégas cup and at the same time be part of a positive and sustainable development for the future, for people and the environment.